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BBBX Server Resource Usage



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BBBX Server Resource Usage

Here are some interesting graphs for anyone looking to host a good server. These are from BBBX, which had between 12 and 14 players for its duration. This data is highly unscientific, but the server itself was only running the dedicated bitfighter server for BBX and the base OS. The server specs and usage data follow (all times are EST):

CPU: Intel Xeon V2 @ 3.40GHz
OS: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS




A brief summary:
  • Incoming bandwidth usage was pretty consistently around 20kB/s, spiking to about 25kB/s
  • Outgoing bandwidth was about 30kB/s, spiking to 70kB/s or more (probably when loading bobdaduck's RTS level)
  • CPU usage was typically about 400Mhz, spiking to as much as 600Mhz (though this spike was probably from some other system process)
  • RAM usage is almost unnoticeable on the graphs, but it's safe to say it's less than 10MB
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Re: BBBX Server Resource Usage

Yeah, you can go pretty lightweight on your host. I'd be curious to see if intense levelgens or other active scripts increase the load - or if any of the massively huge levels that have been made would have any impact.

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